About Wayne Daniels

Originally from Oxford, England, Wayne moved to California in 2000 to share his comprehensive health, fitness and healing program. Wayne has spent 22 years developing this pioneering system after using it to rehabilitate himself from physical, mental and emotional wounds, healing himself from past traumas, addictions and near death states.

At Esoteric Exercise our vision is to educate, guide, inspire and integrate ourselves, others and the Earth for a healthier, happier world as One unified and realized consciousness. In becoming healthier we learn self acceptance for what is created. In turn, we find reverence and respect in how we treat the earth and others, thus, mature to become of service to humanity and stewards of the earth. Each one of us has chosen a sacred contract by making a personal pledge to ourselves to learn, grow and heal as an example for all beings and future generations. In doing so, we come to live purposefully, as One, with all that is created and experienced!

All our methods and tools are authenticated with years of trying, testing and improving our own health, wellbeing and evolution. We compassionately understand the stressful challenges of living in a fast paced world. Our journey together begins with you!

We utilize comprehensive assessment tools and questionnaires of past and present conditions, acquiring a baseline of where you currently are and set into motion a detailed plan of action that is practical and attainable. We partner with you to assure that you reach your goals and celebrate with you your triumphs at every milestone you successfully achieve. It is our pleasure to assist you towards fulfilling your personal desires, goals and dreams as you become the newly improved individual you not only deserve to be, but are destined to become.

Come experience the advanced, pioneering healing methods of Wayne Daniels and discover a new you!