Are high heels detrimental to our musculoskeletal system & well-being?

Most will agree, regardless of gender, that high heels can be an extremely attractive feature and complement a woman’s attire. High heels can tend to attract attention and get you noticed. After all, isn’t that the main reason for wearing them anyhow?

The amount of times i’ve personally heard women say their high heel shoes are uncomfortable to wear and difficult to walk in, yet wear them anyway.

Willing to suffer for the sake of vanity, looking good to “fit in” and feel accepted are some of the reasons they are worn. Of course, this can be said for any item of clothing, jewellry, car, house that one can hide behind, allowing it to become their identity.

Could this identity thing be at a cost to our health and wellbeing?

It’s evident by the diagram that from a bio-mechanical perspective, severe physical compensations are adopted when the heels are raised off the floor.

Common sense tells us this postural change will cause joint, muscle and nerve issues in time to come.

Then it begs the question; are the high heels themselves the issue or the reasons why you wear high heels the issue?

Irrespective of the answer, high heels are not conducive with a healthy musculoskeletal system, posture, breath and health.

An imbalanced muscle system, inhibited breath and poor posture only puts excessive stress on the organs and intestines, then the bigger health issues arrive.

For those of you ladies who wear high heels and also suffer from back, hip or neck pain, consider letting go of those heels and stop the inevitable musculoskeletal breakdown

You may also consider connecting with me (Wayne Daniels) for a complimentary bio-mechanical assessment to determine the best plan to heal those physical compensations and niggling pain syndromes.

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