Dream or job?

A recent statistic stated 82% of people disliked their job.

What does that mean?

In my experience there is a vast difference between a job and a dream and as i’ve experienced both, i will share my version.

Could it be a job comes from a conditioned response to parents and peers and their ideas,, whereas a dream comes from an innate, heartfelt connection?

A job is primarily focused on financial reward and very little or no genuine concern for emotional and spiritual, self fulfillment.

A dream is born of the heart, thus is a personal mission of service to self, humanity and the world from an evolutional standpoint.

A job is a means to an end, with a desire to do something else and or retire from, whereas a dream is a life calling,that has no end, no retirement or exit plan.

A job is merely being in survival mode derived from insecurities and neediness and someone else’s dream (boss) whereas a dream is an affirmed knowing that feels secure, self gratifying, and complete.

Here I am with a client living my dream.

Personal experience: In my younger years i was a construction worker who worked on the roads, dug trenches and helped build structures. based on my preceived capabilities from parental and peer influence (qualifications, degrees etc). I was reasonably paid, it met my basic survival needs like paying bills, holidays and toys i liked. Until one day I realized:my emotional, mental and spiritual needs were not being stimulated.

Hence , i now am a corrective exercise specialist, holistic health practitioner and life coach. And boy… what a difference!.

In my job, i generally felt obligated or forced to show up, and an underlying resentment to what i was doing. I could’nt wait until the day was over and longed for the weekends to arrive (wishing my life away). For the most part I lacked interest, felt bored and apathetic.

In my dream, I feel aroused, enthusiastic and a deeply fulfiilled gratitude to self and humanity.

I become creative, use imagination and a feeling of being alive, intentional and purposeful.

Maybe some of you reading this can relate to these differences, unless you are still in a job, therefore never experienced the contrast?

It’s now my task in life to assist others in uncovering their heartfelt purpose and dream.

In my experience, It’s not that easy to discover this dream state as there is mental and emotional conditioning (rooted in childhood programming) that inhibits or blocks psychic information from being accessed.

Perhaps, the difference between the two is; a job is merely a life half lived, whereas a dream is a life of fulfilment and completeness?

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