Is fasting healthy for you?

A little while ago, I completed a 9 day fast. 9 days without a single morsel or taste of food whatsoever. Not that I didn’t have any thoughts of food throughout that period! In fact, parts of me became very attached and needy to those culinary thoughts as my body continually emptied out each and everyday.

In letting go of food, energy levels plummeted, mind chatter and confusion heightened and apathy became dominant. I felt that I endured much anguish and with hindsight realize how much suffering I faced. The experience took the wind out of my sails, humbling me to no end, of which I’m exceedingly grateful. I give myself a pat on the back for having the sheer balls to go through something so challenging.

It was not an easy ride to say the least.

On the flip side, it was/is an amazing purification process that is still unfolding a week later. I feel my emotional self is lighter, extinguished some psychic baggage and lost 10lb. Ten pounds might not sound too much, but considering I am a lean 150lbs, it made a big impact.

We are all here to purify, release unnecessary energies, weight and old stories that keep us stuck. Lightening the load through fasting is an important practice to attain a healthier body and mind and help transition us into a new perspective of self and life.

Parasites, bacterias, fecal matter, fungi, viruses and a whole enchilada of toxic chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceutical drugs, industrial and household products are released in the process.

Most of us are riddled with these suppressing, disease forming substances that incessantly eat us alive from the inside out!! And it can take many years of suffering poor health before we realize the toxic overload we have unconsciously taken on.

This toxic epidemic cannot be avoided if you reside in this environment for any length of time, It’s part and parcel of living and the price we pay for being partially ignorant to health.

However, there is a way to counter that toxicity by periodically fasting or juicing to allow the body to detox and restore better functions of all biological systems.

If fasting or juicing is new to you, start abstaining from food for half the day. Even giving the body a break from one or two meals creates detoxification and brings great benefits. Digesting food takes much energy to accomplish, therefore, no food is a rest for the digestive system. Easier still,  you may also start with just cutting out animal products and continue to eat veg only for a day or two.

Attempt to do what you feel you have the capacity for and then there’s less chance of falling short on your commitment.

Face yourself and give it a try, it will surely improve health and wellbeing!

Isn’t that what we are all after?

Author: EsoWD

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