Aspects to Eating Optimally

There are many other aspects of consuming a balanced diet besides choosing organic, whole and natural food and omitting pasteurized, processed, gmo’s and in-humanely raised animals.

Here are some not so obvious aspects to appreciate:

Eating optimally certainly isn’t something that can be mastered overnight, mainly due to ingrained intolerance, allergies and habitually misperceived ideas as to what is deemed appropriate.

I often say, “the habits of mind would prefer ice cream, whereas the body is earnestly begging for an apple.” This is the conscious and subconscious battle that is constantly present until the misperceived mind learns and aligns with the truth of the body. By considering these challenges, it is easily understood how finding which foods really meet the body’s needs will take time to learn by authentically FEELING if the food consumed is congruent with your physiology.

Someone who is negatively affected from gluten doesn’t necessarily know they are until new knowledge is received and practiced by abstaining from gluten for long enough to feel and know that is the truth. Detecting the truth about gluten by abstaining can be one of the easier discoveries which most conclude within a week.

However, determining how many other foods affect us isn’t usually as apparent and as easily detected. Suffice to say, it isn’t just learning about what specific foods do or don’t fit your needs as there are other aspects to also consider.       .

  • .Eating the correct macronutrient ratio proportions of fats, carbohydrates and protein at each sitting.
  • A 4 day rotational plan, which means what is eaten on monday can be consumed again on friday. This is important as consuming the same foods on consecutive days will surely bring intolerances.
  • Eating 4-6 times a day at the correct times. Eat before you’re too hungry otherwise overeating occurs and hormones remain imbalanced
  • Being present at each sitting for optimal assimilation and digestion so you can determine when your satiated instead of overeating. If you are reading, writing, talking, driving and or being in a rush to finish, your absorption and digestion will be compromised as your energy is going elsewhere.
  • Chew food adequately until it becomes liquid.
  • After each sitting be present to learn how that food feels in your body and mind to discern the changes that need to be implemented next time.

In knowing these varied aspects one can see how it would take practice to truly know what the body needs.

The unhealthier the body becomes, the more our sensing and feeling abilities are suppressed and the bigger the challenge to change. It could be said that the more unhealthy one gets, the possibility for change will diminish and eventually be insurmountable. The point of no return will surely arrive!

Falling off the wagon at times will happen as you practice this new way. This is perfectly normal and necessary as each time it occurs, new lessons arrive and accountability grows. Just embrace it and choose wisely the next time you eat.  YOUR FOOD IS YOUR MOOD!!!

Author: EsoWD

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