Are you relying on the medical system for health?

Some of us know that exercise, a healthy diet and a conscious lifestyle is an important part of feeling youthful, maintaining health and keeps the body from decaying and atrophying. That old adage, comes to mind, “if you don’t use it you will surely lose it.” 

In this country, statistics say 18% of females and 23% of males exercise with some regularity or 80% of the population don’t exercise enough.

In my experience, that exemplifies the general consensus of awareness towards health as  “below par.” I feel, one of the main reasons for this is the lack of health education in schools. After all, where in the curriculum is there a class on health?  It;s also widely known that only a small part of the education is focused on physical training classes.

There’s also very little within the family unit, work environment or on TV. All in all the amount of exposure is quite diabolical.

 It seems being healthy isn’t a priority or an important part of our conscious awareness anymore. Then again, if it’s not brought to your attention, why would you consider it?

Yes. there is a health care system, which, for the most part, doesn’t educate us how to look after ourselves, but administers protocols (band aids) that treat symptoms and teach us to be reliant on their system.

 A ‘fix me doctor’ mentality, will inevitably ends in sickness. Relying on someone else to bring you health will always be a self fulling prophecy of dis-ease.

Many times over and more frequently, I hear the story of how using the medical system did not resolve their issues, but also increased symptoms and worsened their health. Treating symptoms can only result in a continued decline in health for all who attempt it. Getting to the root is the only solution, but…of course, there’s no money in that!

We can understand this medical model is guaranteed ongoing financial success for all those involved and of no surprise why there’s inadequate “authentic” health education in our society. 

Not only is this inadequate health system making bank, but keeping the masses unhealthy makes them more dependent and easier to control. The sicker I become the less awareness i have to actually know i am sick, therefore, the deeper I get suckered into the system and it’s fix me mindset.

This is an unethical and unscrupulous, self serving model that causes more harm than good to most who choose this path. 

One of the answers is to wake up, take back our lives and health and educate ourselves on health. If you don’t do it, nobody else will do it for you!!!

I teach clients to become educated, become their own doctor and be responsible for their own health. That way, we become empowered by adopting our own way of thinking as well as staying healthy!

Author: EsoWD

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