Is sickness merely an opportunity for healing?

As Hippocrates stated:

“A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings, and learn how by his own thought to derive benefit from his illnesses.” 

In my 19yrs of practicing health, I have concluded the best health teacher I will ever possess is my own sicknesses!

My body talks to me to inform me of the poor choices I make to end up sick. Without this wise body talk I would never have the knowledge and wisdom to be healthy today.

I can safely say that I would’ve died many years ago, had I not taken responsibility for my failing health, connect to the pain teacher within and learned to heal.

In fact, the scary feelings and thoughts of dying were the very experiences I needed to innately shake and arouse the health doctor within that knows the answers to health and healing.

The first thing to remember about all ailments, sicknesses and diseases is that they are self created, therefore, born and germinated within you.  

What I mean is, you cannot catch the flu and or nobody gave it to you. You brought this on to teach yourself about the poor choices you made that ended in sickness.

If you are unable to see the part of yourself that created the sickness, chances are, you will not authentically heal, but merely suppress or fix the issue rather like a bandaid. Then, in time, the symptoms will reappear and heighten in intensity and other parts of the body become symptomatic; before you know it serious disease and death is on the horizon.

Either way, it wasn’t dealt with properly. 

Most of us will try prescription drugs to numb it out, chose surgery to remove or replace it or even just ignore it until it “seemingly” goes away.

After pursuing those ideas for a while, some see the futility and wisely choose to change their lifestyle habits (better sleep, clean food, adequate water, exercise and good morals as genuine answers to true health.

The bottom line is: You must see yourself as the designer and maker of your sicknesses and allow those sicknesses to teach you how to practically apply your new health knowledge for real change to occur.

Author: EsoWD

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