Do you really need exercise?

Looking at the statistics from a recent study, it would seem that a large percentage of the population don’t consider exercise a high priority. In the United States according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, only 23% of the country regularly exercise.

As a fitness expert, I believe it’s representative of the average adult who may want to be healthy but isn’t consistent about doing much to make this true. In my experience the main reason for this is the limited exposure to nature and the physical demands the natural world requires to survive. 

Our cave-dwelling ancestors averaged 21 hours a week of mild to hard physical activity. Having to carry water, gather and chop wood for fire, build and repair some sort of shelter, hunt for food and handle extreme temperatures. These were all conditions of living a lifestyle in which a lot of energy was required on a daily basis, just for survival.

It’s not a great surprise that most people living in big cities and suburbs are far less physically active, especially in convenient America.

Are the conveniences we developed over the years causing a decline in activity? Is this decline also related to a decline in overall health levels? In answering yes to both, the only logical solution is to make exercise a bigger part of life. The main snag is that exercise can seem like a boring and even painful idea if it’s not part of a regular learned habit that is executed correctly.

It might seem obvious, but if exercise has never been part of your lifestyle you might not understand all of the benefits that staying active offers. Perhaps you played sports in grade school, frequently rode your bike or swam, but in your adulthood you stopped doing these things as you got busy with work and family. Well, it’s never too late to exercise! In the beginning you may experience some physical discomfort or already be suffering with health issues, but when exercise is implemented correctly, it should have the opposite effect by resolving pain and injuries.

Here are some reasons to exercise:

  • Increases energy levels
  • Helps resolve painful joint problems
  • Improves balance, stability, strength and coordination
  • Aids in detoxification by better lymphatic function
  • Corrects posture and muscle imbalances
  • Opens the mind for enhanced thinking
  • Balances emotions
  • Positively affects organ and gland functions
  • Changes the shape and appearance of your body
  • Makes you feel very good about yourself 

Here are some helpful exercises that require no equipment and anyone can do:

  • Wall Lean: Place back of head against wall, feet shoulder width apart and 6/12” away from wall with arms folded. Slightly tuck chin and hold for 30/60 secs and repeat, building up to 3mins overall. If you feel stress in lower back there’s over extension of the lumbar spine, to avoid this, move butt/back closer to wall, whilst keeping chin tucked. Feeling tension in the neck is the goal.
  • Prone Cobras: Lie face down with shoulders/arms extended back, palms facing outward and feet pressed into floor. Then lift torso into extension and hold for 10/20 secs, for 3/6 reps depending on physical capacity. For those with flat back syndrome, relax glutes and for those with excessive lumbar curve (lordosis) squeeze glutes.
  • Horse stances: On all fours. (knees, elbows/forearms on floor, making sure hips are vertical to knees and shoulders are vertical to elbows) Engage navel to spine (very important) and lift opposite knee and elbow slightly off floor whilst keeping spine horizontal.

If you have a swiss ball as part of your exercise kit, here are some stability exercises:

Size of ball matters according to height. Up to 5.8’ 45cm ball. Over 5.8” 55cm ball. 

  • Alternating Superman’s Over Ball: Lie stomach over ball and raise left leg and right arm
    45’ making sure you extend spine to feel tension. Hold for 10/20secs then switch sides. Repeat for 2/4 reps per side. then rest for 20secs and repeat another set.
  • Lower Abdominal Twists: Lie on back with back of legs over ball with knees bent approx. 45”and arms to your side resting on floor. Slowly twist your body from the hips, but not too far as you can lose balance and fall off. In the beginning, use your arms to help control the twist, then learn to perform without arms. This will entrain a deeper response from the core muscles.
  • Seated Ball variations: important to maintain good posture. Sit on the ball and raise one leg and hold for 10/20 secs, do both sides.,To increase the challenge; with arms outstretched and hands clasped, start to slowly twist from the waist, one side to the other (keep the spine erect) You can add a medicine ball or weight or a book if you have nothing else by holding out in front and rotate in circles going both ways equally.

Some simple daily shifts can make all the difference

The advanced benefits of Esoteric Exercise

When I started exercising 20 yrs ago, I had the idea of building muscle, reducing body fat and becoming fitter. 

Many passionate years of studying the body in movement with constant conscious practice and a heartfelt desire to improve has taught me the many benefits of exercise beyond what I initially thought.

Here are some important insights discovered:

  • All movement must originate from the navel for the potential of healthy motor learning, and correct movement repatterning.
  • When moving from the navel the deep tonic muscle system engages, ensuring joint stability, coordination and progressive development.
  • Corrective movement permits postural restoration, ultimately improving muscle balance and nervous system response.
  • Corrective movement inevitably reduces and or eliminates pain

As well as improving nerves, muscles and joints, here are some other benefits Esoteric Exercise can achieve.

  • When joints become stable they enhance nerve function which will improve hormonal, digestive and lymphatic responses
  • Improving posture allows for more energy flow, resulting in better energy levels and attitude
  • Assists in handling and processing a stressful life more efficiently
  • Releases trapped energies (old stories) that are stored within your bodily tissues.
  • Integrates emotions to better understand yourself
  • Taps into your wisdom to help you live purposefully

How many of these life changing benefits would you like to achieve and experience in your everyday life?

Exercise is one of the fundamental disciplines of living and must be practiced for true health and well-being. Without it, energy levels can never be optimal, limiting one’s capacity to create what they really desire for them-self. 

We have all come to this life to build energy, which is best achieved when committing to what one loves to do. If one has a job or relationship that’s not working very well, stress increases and energy levels plummet, leaving one with a stinking attitude and a sense of “deep missing”.

For me, exercise has been one of the most critical practices that’s kept me on the straight and narrow and fulfills that which is missing.

If I committed to all other health disciplines and avoided exercise, I’d not have half the energy to live beyond survival.

If you feel uneasy or apprehensive about exercise and it’s powerful healing abilities, allow me to help you change this by calling Wayne Daniels, 714 580 3690 or sending me a message at

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