What is “Esoteric Exercise”?

The word “esoteric” generally means one of two things: likely to be understood by a small number of people due to its specialized knowledge or interest; and, that which is hidden or lies under the surface. Therefore, the term “Esoteric Exercise” is literally awakening the dormant or “hidden” parts of the body through a specific set of corrective exercises which are arousing or stimulating inactive tissues and integrates those parts for a bigger whole and greater expression of self and life. 

Much of this movement is nothing new. In fact, most of it can be traced back to our primitive ancestors who traversed the land to hunt, gather, and evolve into the beings we are today. The main difference from then until now, is the amount of movement or exercise performed. 

In general, today’s society underuses their bodies and this has much to do with our physical issues that are prevalent and widespread throughout the world. This old adage comes to mind; if you don’t use it, you will surely lose it! 

Developing to Nature’s Potential

Our physical activity throughout each day has greatly diminished over time. Back yonder, when living in nature, we averaged 21 hours a week of physical activity. Hunting for food, building homes, fetching and carrying water and firewood, and tending to our tribal or communal commitments needed our physical input.

There were no doctors, dentists, wheelchairs, convenience foods, or remote controls to help deflect your responsibilities, curtail sickness and absolve you from the necessities of survival. We had no choice but to be stable, strong, agile, make quick decisions, and be vigilant of our surroundings or the hunter became the hunted. Missing a food kill could mean starvation. Slipping on a rock, falling from a tree, or being surprised by a predatory animal could be injurious or life threatening.

In meeting the rigorous demands of nature, the body instinctively developed towards its full potential. The seven natural movement patterns of squatting, lunging, pulling, pushing, bending/lifting, twisting and gait patterns of walking, jogging and running became necessary to function in society. By developing these seven diverse movements, our bio motor ability capacity associated with; stability, agility, balance, coordination, strength and power could also develop.

By developing in this manner and “raising the physical bar,” movement patterns became more advanced and complete. The body and mind began to experience a higher connection to the environment, facilitating and embodying a deeper life meaning, in turn assisting in maturing of the emotional body.

Simply put; when the body is out of balance the emotions are too.

Physical Development Begets Emotional Development

Have you ever noticed how the more physically challenged someone becomes, the more emotionally challenged they seem to be? Whether in physical pain, digestive discomfort or low energy, in one way or another, attitude, mood and breathing will be negatively altered. Next thing, health begins to decline and quality of life takes a nosedive.

Is it any wonder that the emotional development of many is below par when considering the lack of exercise and health awareness that pervades throughout society?

When lacking in emotional development, one tends to neglect, ignore or be unaware of the bodies basic needs. In not meeting the body’s needs, there is a progressive decline in capacity to live life vibrantly and responsibly. 

Would it be fair to say that there is an over emphasis on intellectualism and mind development processes and underuse of body development and health practices in today’s society?

Esoteric Exercise can help bridge that mind/body gap by bringing one back into their body to mimic and assimilate the old patterns of movement that ensured our survival and healthy development, into a modern context.

The corrective exercise and stretching program is tailored to meet your specific needs and goals in conjunction with your physical capacity and skill level.

Esoteric Exercise is very different from just exercising or working out as we know it!

Here are some of the restorative qualities of Esoteric Exercise:

  • It is discovering a new and different way of moving than you currently move, to restore your existing physical issues. 
  • If, when moving or exercising you experience pain, it’s mainly due to incorrect movement patterns. (faulty motor programming)
  • Exercising “correctly” (with appropriate form) establishes safe and effective movement to stabilize joints, strengthen muscles and restore posture. 
  • This occurs by connecting and awakening deep and dormant muscles; the small but very important muscles that bring stability in movement.
  • Vital musculoskeletal understanding when it comes to actual application and growing physical capacity and skill level.

Improving your movement skills enhances conscious thinking, balances emotions and forges a new perspective on self and life.

By learning corrective movement patterns a heightened kinesthetic and proprioceptive feedback response is established to raise body/mind awareness. 

Kinesthetic feedback is a sense of body movement, primarily within muscles, tendons, joints and skin. Proprioceptive feedback is a sense of body position relative to the external environment.

The type of information received from this dual feedback is based on how the environment is  perceived, which specifically determines how any movement is performed whether functional or dysfunctional. 

For example, if perceiving the environment as fearful, “most likely” inefficient or faulty patterns of muscular activity will follow, which become habitual to the degree you’re unable to consciously feel or control them. This leaves you wondering why your everyday movements or exercise sessions can be uncomfortable or painful and intuitively feeling it’s not the way to go.

Esoteric Exercise can shift that experience with neuromuscular re-education that restores joint stability, muscle strength and reestablish good posture that occurred from traumas relating to accidents, surgeries, injuries or ongoing emotional stress.

Esoteric Exercise not only changes and re-patterns the way you move, but alters your perception of reality and how you experience yourself from within. In other words, improving your movement skills enhances conscious thinking, balances emotions and forges a new perspective on self and life.

As I often share, one has to suffer “enough” before a change is made and some of us put ourselves through the ringer before it’s time to be wise.

In the exercise world, there is over emphasis on the “phasic” muscle system and not enough awareness towards the “tonic” muscle system.

The tonic muscles support posture, stabilize joints and promotes musculoskeletal balance. The phasic muscle system enables movement and builds strength.

Most exercise protocols aim for building muscle, losing weight and keeping fit, which in of itself isn’t a negative thing. However, there is an inevitable price to pay for this phasic muscle dominance or conversely, under use of the tonic muscle system in movement.

Without a balance of these two muscle systems, faulty motor programming is adopted, leading to poor coordination and inevitably, joint pain, muscle imbalances and postural deformation that become the norm.

Predominant use of the phasic muscle system causes disproportionate length tension relationships of muscles, overstretched ligaments and excessive shear stress on joints.

These discrepancies may take time before they start to speak to you, as the body compensates in many ways to accommodate these self perpetuated imbalances so well that we are unaware until the pain doctor comes calling. We can tend to ignore the signs, make light of them and continue to endure the niggling nuances and bothersome overtones until the shit hits the proverbial fan and then it is usually a bigger task to restore and heal. 

Now is the best time to nip those niggling issues in the bud, as they are not self correcting and will need intervention sooner or later.

Esoteric Exercise assists in bringing balance of these two muscle systems through corrective exercise techniques that re pattern, re educate and restore the body back into healthy movement habits.

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