Differences between Esoteric Exercise and Current fitness trends

Hi, I’m Wayne Daniels, founder of Esoteric Exercise in Newport Beach where you can enhance your health, fitness and wellbeing. In this post, I will share some weighty differences between Esoteric Exercise and current fitness trends.

***All of the methods described in this article have been perfected through 21 years of diligent study, passionate practice and a heartfelt desire to grow and heal myself. In turn, I have professionally assisted hundreds of clients in improving their health and wellbeing.***

Esoteric Exercise‘s approach

  • Esoteric Exercise conducts a thorough 90min bio-mechanical assessment to ascertain postural and musculoskeletal data used to accurately design an individualized corrective stretching and corrective exercise program 
  • Esoteric Exercise has the scientific knowledge and practical experience to apply the assessment data for effective restoration and healing, by meeting the client where they are, regardless of age or condition.
  • Esoteric Exercise’s innovative, whole body approach to corrective exercise guarantees safe and efficient resolution of pain syndromes and postural imbalances, providing the program is followed. 
  • Esoteric Exercise avoids using exercise machines as this causes faulty motor programming and, adverse sensory input, thus inhibiting freestyle movement and the body’s own volitional capacity to learn. (This inevitably causes musculoskeletal imbalances, postural deformities and pain.)
  • Esoteric Exercise focuses on the all important deep stabilizer muscles, postural exercises and integrative movement patterns. This reassures skeletal integrity, bringing balance, stability, agility, coordination, flexibility and strength “from the inside out.” 
  • Esoteric Exercise’s 21yrs of bio-mechanical knowledge and hands-on application, ensures continual progress and development for long term results.
  • Esoteric Exercise’s intention is correcting form and function first, then ascetics followed by becoming part of the natural developmental process.

My health and fitness services offer a multidisciplinary, no stone unturned approach to improving health and healing body/mind challenges. 

Current fitness trends

  • Improper, insufficient or no bio-mechanical assessment. This limits information, producing ineffective programs and increases the likelihood of injury. (If you’re not properly assessing, at best you’re only guessing)
  • Inadequately designed programs also make it difficult or impossible to “meet clients where they are” by giving exercises that are either too advanced or regressed, relative to capacity. 
  • Excessive focus on isolated muscles and movements, (bodybuilding mindset) especially on machines, resulting in length-tension issues of muscles, overuse of prime movers (outer muscles) and underuse of postural/stabilizer muscles (inner muscles)
  • Little understanding of correct form and function, resulting in limited development of bio-motor abilities, pertaining to coordination, balance, flexibility, stability, agility and strength.
  • Short term progress, at best, due to mounting stress on joints from incorrectly administered exercises
  • Overly focused on ascetics, thus learning to move correctly is neglected and breakdown is inevitable.

With your curiosity, courage and commitment to live for yourself, I offer guidance and knowledge to help you along the way.


  • A Corrective Exercise program, teaching you to reconnect to unintegrated and dormant areas of the body, improving posture and healing pain.  
  • A tailored stretching/mobilizing program specifically designed to address your tight and inhibited muscles, bringing balance and aligning your body.
  • An individualized genetic diet program, which attunes to your metabolic needs.
  • Deeper knowledge and understanding on healthy lifestyle habits and practices and the relationship to circadian rhythms to aid in adequate sleep.
  • Breathing practices to harmonize body and mind.


  • Awaken deep spinal and pelvic muscles that restore joint stability
  • Minimize and eradicate incontinence (usually coupled with lower back pain)
  • Reduce and eliminate painful areas like back, hips, neck and shoulders
  • Re-establish new movement patterns that bring muscle balance and postural alignment.
  • Re-integrate optimal nervous system function
  • Power up lymphatic function for releasing toxicity and inflammation
  • Better balance, mobility and agility
  • Improve coordination of movement and physical functions in everyday life
  • Greatly enhance energy levels, attitude and well being

I appreciate and understand the stressful challenges of living in a fast-paced world. With your curiosity, courage and commitment to live for yourself, I offer guidance and knowledge to help you along the way. 

Our journey together begins with you!

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