Stability before Strength.

As you witness from the above video, I briefly demonstrate how you can overcome your physical challenges pertaining to unstable joints, postural breakdown, balance issues, incoordination of movement, inflexibility and lack of muscle strength. 

By administering exercises that challenge the whole body to find balance and stability, thus creating an imbalanced and unstable environment, the postural muscles are accessed and awakened, which then stabilize the joints and improve skeletal integrity for your body to begin the healing journey. 

One of the key elements of any exercise program, that can be overlooked with antiquated methods and standardized approaches, is to first focus on stability before strength.

Common Sense intuitively expresses that to move efficiently, safely and with optimal coordination, there must be an inner muscle foundation to move from.  Avoiding this basic stabilization process will inevitably cause physical degradation.

The exercises in the video are merely a hand full of the numerous stability exercises I guide and support clients through. Various balance boards, one leg movements and other stability exercises that promote and encourage inner muscle integrity are part and parcel of the restoration program. A program that is meticulously devised and formulated from a thorough bio-mechanical assessment, specifically designed to meet you and your physical needs.

Come try out how your body can heal with exercises your body was inherently designed for!

Author: EsoWD

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