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When it comes to chiropractic care, there are a few options or methods that are quite different and vary in efficacy. It’s known that 98% of people have an atlas subluxation, which more than likely means you too, whether you know it or not. In my experience, most of the care available has limiting results and treats pain symptoms rather than the etiology or root cause. Here’s why!

The joint called the Atlas or C1 is at the top joint of the spine where the head sits and has influence over all other joints within the body due to the neurological input as every nerve in the head travels through the atlas and disperses throughout the body.

If someone has hip, knee, back or shoulder pain and only the offending joint is adjusted, the etiology or cause is not dealt with …

The hierarchical position of the atlas determines how all other joints are positioned, therefore, if the atlas is subluxated or misaligned then there’s a relative misalignment in the joints below. 

With that understanding, it makes perfect sense to adjust the atlas and all other joints will follow, resulting in a WHOLE BODY shift or change.

If someone has hip, knee, back or shoulder pain and only the offending joint is adjusted, the etiology or cause is not dealt with and temporary relief is usually the best result rather than real change to the rest of the body.

I’m not saying adjusting a symptomatic joint is futile; sometimes this is necessary, just bear in mind the limitations. Adjusting joints continually can result in ligamentous laxity and further compounds the existing joint problem. 

My experience of using Blair or NUCCA chiropractors who adjust the atlas has gifted me so much health and postural improvements that I just had to write this brief blog! 

Many painful and debilitating bodily issues can be radically reduced and even eradicated by an atlas correction. Not to mention the inhibited breath that is released the moment the correction is made. Enhanced energy levels and posture, better movement patterns, improvements in digestion, lymphatic and hormonal aspects ALL go hand in hand with an atlas correction and not forgetting the benefits of a healthier mental and emotional balance, all due to a reduced physiological stress load.

I would highly recommend Dr Jim Fiore of Straight Chiropractic who is a BLAIR specialist in Santa Ana CA. He is a true professional at making precise atlas adjustments and changing patients lives in an instant.

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