It makes perfect sense to stabilize the body first, before strengthening it.

Moving or exercising without an adequate foundation of stability can lead to serious ramifications like adverse or improper motor programming. 

Performing any physical movement stimulates mechanoreceptors which sends information to the brain, relative to how the movement is performed. Neuromechanical information from the various receptors throughout the body are converted into neurochemical data that becomes installed in the brain as engrams.

Engrams become repetitive motor programs, that each time they are perpetuated become more ingrained and less likely to change. Repressed physical development will ensue if the movement is faulty or uncoordinated in nature and a whole host of musculoskeletal imbalances will arrive; like poor posture, various pain syndromes, and a decline in health and wellbeing. This correlates to arrested bio-motor functions that pertain to flexibility, coordination, balance, stability, agility, strength and power. 

Even people who workout with a more passive or less intense approach can end up with physical issues.

To build new motor programs and healthy biomotor functions, one must start at the beginning with flexibility, stability, balance and coordination for a solid foundation to then build upon agility, strength and power.

In following this sequence of physical development, true balance can be achieved, which means improved posture, stable joints that diminish and eradicate pain syndromes and safe movement practices.

Most of us know or have seen peeps intensely working out with heavy weights, pushing themselves to the edge of their capacity to gain strength, build muscle and lose weight etc, to the detriment of their body.

Yes, it looks good, even impressive and inspirational, but the outcome can be ugly.

Even people who workout with a more passive or less intense approach can end up with physical issues they wish they didn’t have, which may just take a wee bit longer to breakdown than the intense method. The bottom line is, both parties are exercising incorrectly and need proper guidance and instruction in order to avoid an inevitable decline.

Believe me; it’s not easy to know how to move or exercise correctly without certain knowledge, specific techniques and an open mind. Jumping right in and hoping for the best will usually amount in regression, especially over the long term where the truth of your endeavors are revealed and in spite of all your good intentions.

Changing deeply ingrained movement patterns take time to shift; as it is a physical, mental and emotional issue.

The best place to start with everyone, no exceptions, is with stability exercises. This means being on an unstable surface, on an exercise ball, BOSU® board (or any balance trainer board that produces an unstable surface), coupled with one leg exercises with or without the ball or boards.

With some peeps, who have more severe physical conditions, I may start them with floor exercises, which decreases the weight bearing potential, that being on your feet causes.

Some of the floor exercises can be infant development moves like crawls of various types and static postural exercises which promote inner muscle activation that more advanced, weight bearing exercises will not achieve, due to the regressed condition and lower physiological capacity of the client.

prone cobra
alternating superman

For a well rounded approach, stretching, mobilizing and other recommended physical techniques to restore balance need to be part of the package.

Experienced Guidance

As I’ve learned and understood many times over, it’s all about meeting the client where they are within their mental, emotional and physical wherewithal to consciously guide them from this point. In being able to do so, a client will only receive or be asked to do an exercise that they can do, resulting in real and consistent progress. 

Remember that old habits die hard, thus changing these deeply ingrained movement patterns take time to shift, as now it’s not merely a physical issue only, but a mental and emotional one too.

Just to mention, stretching, mobilizing and other recommended physical techniques to restore balance need to be part of the package for a well rounded approach. Exercise alone will royally screw you up, regardless of how masterful your approach could be.

So now I trust you have a better idea about how to approach your workout or better still, come to someone like me to teach you how, then after some education and guidance, you can step out on your own with the correct knowledge and safe movement practices that will enhance quality of life and longevity.

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