Is health a state of mind?

Nobody can breathe for you, exercise for you, eat healthy food for you, sleep for you, meditate for you and ultimately think and create your reality for you.

Maybe the most important piece of knowledge any human can gleen for him/herself is to realize that any health challenge that shows up within the body is a state of mind.

The body and mind are one system, not separate or divisible and once anyone can appreciate this fundamental truth, health and healing can be authentically attained.

If this truth is not understood, the best one can achieve is to treat or fix the symptoms, AKA bandaids. The symptoms being experienced can certainly be overcome or more aptly “suppressed”, but the root cause still remains.

Suppressing symptoms only buries them deeper within the body, which only compounds and exacerbates them for more and bigger health issues in the future.

One of my past mentors once stated, “the first universal principle of life is to know that nothing is real, but merely brought forth or created within you as ILLUSION.” To me, that means I make my life up as I go, nothing is permanent and can be changed at any moment I choose. 

We are the creators of our reality and are fully responsible for how it shows up!

In other words, if you’re suffering or feeling below par, you have the capacity to shift that self-created experience and re-create something different.

Therefore, if sickness arrives, it can be uncreated, as simply as it was created, as we always have a choice to rethink and make it so.

If you continue to believe that your suffering is outside of you, or within the external world, caused by a certain event or specific person(s) there is a lack of responsibility or unawareness for what you created. If that is the case, there is zero opportunity of that belief being changed, thus suffering will continue.

Choose your own path of health and healing

If you go running off to the doctor’s or any other care specialist to get them to resolve the issue; whether it’s physical, mental or emotional, unless that specialist enlightens you to the fact that the issue has been created from within you, the root cause will not be addressed and all that can be achieved is to repress or numb out to the symptoms. 

Instead of putting your health in someone else’s hands, you must educate yourself to become your own physician and healer, as nobody else can get to the root of your issue, unless they are teaching you how to be responsible for it.

Nobody can breathe for you, exercise for you, eat healthy food for you, sleep for you, meditate for you and ultimately think and create your reality for you. Once you have acquired some authentic and truthful education, it’s upon you to bring that information inside you to discover the worldly knowledge that is already within you and intimately listen to your body to teach you how. 

Take a look at your personal programming and conditioned beliefs that have been forced upon you by government policies, media propaganda and controlling corporations that have taken away your power and deceitfully led you away from your true nature; self-knowledge and ability to think for yourself and choose your own path of health and healing

Author: EsoWD

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