Life Coaching

To complement the Esoteric Exercise, Life Coaching is essential for discovering and understanding valuable life lessons that may otherwise hold you back.

What is Life Coaching?

Becoming aware of mental blockages helps stabilize emotions. Stable emotions assist you in being "grounded” and aligning with personal and professional desires, goals and dreams that you long to experience. The subconscious can rule the roost and call the shots, leading us down a path of poor choices and self destruction when those emotions are not grounded or rooted in conscious awareness.

To be without pain is delusional, pain is the place where love enters! There's only one rule, embrace the pain with an open heart.

The past is over, therefore it has no power over me now. I channel only the thoughts of this moment to create my future.

Defining or interpreting the subconscious language and channeling it into purposeful thinking, behavior and action is the goal. You are then able to experience life with a deeper meaning of truth and live to your purest potential of joy.

You are your thoughts

Your thoughts define your intentions

Your intentions define your emotions

Your emotions define your behaviours

Your behaviours define your actions

Your actions define your results

Your results define your life

Your life define your thoughts

If this inspires you and brings enough curiosity, call or email for a complementary discovery session and start uncovering those blockages that hold valuable wisdom to living life like never before!

After all, that’s why you have chosen to come to this life!