Nutritional advice developed from over 20 years of evolving healthy eating practices based on nutritional studies and reputable diet professionals. Personalized advice based on ideas and concpets that have worked extremely well for many of our past clients.

The Evolution of Food

Humans have evolved over many thousands of years. As we have done so our diet has changed with us. Originally we consumed a diet based on nature and all of the resources the Earth provided for us.

This natural diet provides the foundation for optimal biological functions and vibrant health. As such we should limit or ideally avoid eating inhumanly raised animals, processed, pasteurized, fortified, genetically modified organisms (GMO’S) or synthetic products. It is these product that disrupt biological functions, continually breaking down our health and wellbeing.

Food is a powerful medicine when consumed in its natural state, whereas, denatured and processed food only causes low energy, stinking thinking, emotional unrest and ever decreasing health. Your food is your mood!

The dietary journey is appreciating that food becomes a friend or foe, medicine or poison and that depends on the choices made!

Genetic Profiling

Each one of us has a unique genetic profile and metabolism which define what type of diet will work for each person. This profile is based on Ancestral lineage and the environmental factors it has been exposed to. For example, Eskimos who live in a constantly cool climate with little carbohydrates and an abundance of proteins and fats from land and sea animals have adopted strong protein type genetics. The weather and food availability they have has caused their bodies to evolve to function based on these conditions.

Understanding the genetic needs of your body is the first step in developing a diet which will lead to your optimal health. There are three genetic types, Carbohydrate, Protein and mixed. Each one has its own macronutrient requirements.

Carbohydrate Type

carbohydrate based body type

Protein Type

protein based body type

Mixed Type

mixed body type

These macronutrient principles are merely guidelines to give you a starting point and are not to become reliant upon or something that’s strictly adhered too. With this macronutrient principle in mind, you have a framework to work from, tweaking, adjusting and aligning with each meal as you go. Your body has different macronutrient needs in the morning, than at lunch and again at dinner. Energy, blood sugar and hormonal levels fluctuate throughout the day, therefore, ratios of protein/fat/carbs will vary with every meal. This dietary practice is dynamic and constantly changing, relative to where you are, how you feel and your amount of daily physical and mental activity.

If you are ready to go through this simple dietary process and enhance your health and well-being, please reach out to me and start eating your way to health!